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Why eradicate BVD?

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BVD has been estimated to cost between £13 and £31 per affected cow. The national cost could be around £39.1 million per year1.
According to analysis by economists in Scotland, an average dairy herd would be almost £16,000 better off every year, and an average beef unit around £2,000 better off each year after eliminating BVD.
A review of BVD control in Europe in Animal Health Research Reviews (2005) shows that losses due to so-called classical outbreaks, where most infections go unnoticed, and where most losses are associated with reproductive disorders and PI animals only, are between €16 and €106 per cow. In contrast, losses from outbreaks due to BVD occurring at the same time as other infections, or by highly virulent strains causing severe disease and death have been estimated to exceed €265 per cow in the herd. However, the average loss over several years in beef herds has been estimated to be €47 per cow per year.

1. Bennett, R. and Ijpelaar, J. (2005) Updated estimates of the costs associated with thirty-four endemic livestock diseases in Great Britain: A note. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 56 (1). pp. 135-144

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