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How do I test for BVD under the scheme?

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To receive an individual animal BVD status, cattle can be tested using one of the following methods:
  • Tag and Test calves (For BVD virus)
  • Blood sample (For BVD Virus)
To receive a herd BVD status, one of the following methods can be used:
  • Tag and Test all calves born on the farm each year (including stillborn or aborted fetuses)
  • Blood sample (For BVD Antibodies) – A minimum of 5 unvaccinated cattle, per separately managed group, aged 9-18 months.
NB: Once a herd is a member of BVDFree, herd BVD status will be assigned after 2 consecutive years of BVD testing has taken place.
Samples should be sent to a laboratory designated by BVDFree, with a completed BVDFree submission form.

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