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Can I upload test results from samples taken in previous months myself?

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A key requirement of BVDFree is that all test results uploaded to the database must have been carried out in UKAS accredited designated laboratories. The test results must also be uploaded directly into the database by the designated laboratory in order to ensure data integrity. This is essential because of the aim to ensure mutual recognition of individual animal status and in the future herd status across all the different BVD programmes in the UK and Ireland to facilitate trading. It is also essential that the test samples were identified at the time of submission by the animal’s official UK tag number for them to be registered on the BVDFree database.
BVDFree does offer the opportunity to upload historical antibody test results if they meet the same requirements as current sampling for the BVDFree scheme (speak to your designated laboratory for more details). However only test results from samples taken after the launch of BVDFree on July 1, 2016 will be used in determining BVDFree herd status and herd status will not be awarded by BVDFree until after July 1, 2017 when herds have completed their second annual monitoring tests.

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