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Getting Started with BVDFree England

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Now you're registered with BVDFree you can upload all your BVD test results to the scheme. To do this:

  1. Download a BVDFree submission form for your laboratory
  2. Submit your test results to your laboratory using this form
  3. Your lab will automatically send BVDFree England your results


Historic Results

You can also upload BVD results held by your laboratory that were taken prior to you joining BVDFree England. To get these results uploaded contact your laboratory and ask them to upload your historic BVD results to the BVDFree England scheme. The lab will be able to advise further on their procedure.


Viewing Results

Visit the BVDFree England website. Click 'Login' and enter your details (you can reset your password if you've forgotten).

Once logged in you're able to view all the results BVDFree England hold for your holding.

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